What Does Having a Relationship With God Look Like?

So what does having a relationship with Jesus look like? And how can we have a relationship with the Invisible God?

God yearns to have a relationship with us. He knocks on the door of our hearts, waiting for us to answer. Though we cannot see Him, He is everywhere. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in all His ways. I myself have wondered what a relationship with God looks like. The relationship God has with each of us is unique. The unique relationship each of us have with God is something that most of us do not share with the world. It is a relationship that is hidden in the secret place of God’s protection, guidance and love.

My personal relationship with God has been that of closeness and distance throughout my 23 years of life on Earth. The closeness I feel with God consists of when I am worshiping, talking and seeking Him. The distance I feel from God happens when I prioritize things and people above Him. What this tells me about God is that He draws close to those who seek Him. And though God pursues us, He will not force His presence upon us when we are prioritize others and things above Him.

I have to say that trusting in Jesus to fill me with his love and seeking to please Him has brought me the most pleasure in life. Prioritizing God and being satisfied by Him means that nothing can take away my joy and peace. Knowing that even if I lose all human companionship, God will always be there for me, is the most comforting thought to me. Knowing that even if no one has time to listen to my thoughts, God always has an open hear to listen, warms by heart. Knowing that not even death is something that I am not afraid of because I know that He will be waiting on the other side, makes me feel invincible. And knowing that the God of the Universe yearns to have a relationship with me, even when people may not, makes me feel so loved.

I love when the Bible says that nothing can separate us from the love of God, because it is true. Nothing we do, say, or feel can make God love us any less. Though relationships with people may fail because of unforgiveness, God has already forgiven anything we have done or will do.

God is a Comforter. Within the relationship I have had with God. He has played the major role of a Comforter in my life. No matter how many heartbreaks, let downs and embarrassing moments I have faced, God has always been there to speak a word into my life. He has embraced me with the warmth of His presence when I cry out to Him and wipes my tears away with the tenderness of his promises. If someone has never done me wrong, it’s God. He has always been there.

The most intimate relationship a person can have is a relationship with God. He knows your thoughts and all your darkest secrets before you even think or hide them. He knows who you really are behind any mask or persona you put on. Knowing every detail about you is something He takes pride in. And the place where He wants to belong is your heart, while He knocks patiently. Amen.

Getting Closer to God

What does getting closer to God mean and what does it look like? Join me in the journey of Getting closer to the Creator, the Holy One, our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am excited to get closer to the One who is the answer to all of life’s problems, who is the comforter through all our pain and the lover of our very souls. What a privilege and honor it is to get to know God! ❤

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